What Are The Advantages of Cane Furniture?

What Are The Advantages of Cane Furniture?

There are many advantages to cane furniture that make it the ideal choice for Swindon homeowners looking for the best products available. Cane is naturally sourced, and since it can only be harvested from the wild, its procurement doesn’t result in heavy industrialisation that can demolish natural habitats. In addition, it provides a remarkable degree of durability and can absorb a lot of weight without straining or breaking. These features make cane furniture a sustainable, eco-friendly option.

Furthermore, cane provides a visual appeal like no other, enhancing the feel of your space. Choose from a range of living room, dining or even exterior furniture suites which best fit your existing aesthetic, or redefine the look of your home with bold, stylish designs. More and more Swindon homeowners are discovering the benefits of our cane furniture, which offers elegance, class and luxury to your home.

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Cane Furniture

Garden of Eden Cane is a Swindon-based supplier of a stunning range of market leading cane furniture. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with great furniture suites which make your house feel like a home. Whatever your specifications, we’ll do everything we can to bring your vision to life. Our dedication to the satisfaction of our customers above all else has given us an esteemed reputation as a provider of brilliant cane furniture. Visit our showroom to get a first-hand experience with premium grade cane furniture.

Due to its unique flexible qualities, cane can be woven tightly together in order to form all manners of shapes and curves. As a result, your new furniture will be bespoke to you. We even offer a variety of fabric swatches for your seat cushions so that you can apply the finishing touches to your cane furniture. Our team is more than happy to help if you need guidance – get in touch to get started.

The Bari Dining range is a great example of our world-class selection of cane furniture suites. This remarkable design offers a timeless style that suits modern and period properties. Choose your ideal configuration for you and your guests to dine in style. The Bari range brings a touch of class and can create a ligneous look for your Swindon space. The table comes with a glass top and leather binding.

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Cane or Rattan?

Cane may be derived from the rattan plant, but they’re considered different materials when it comes to manufacturing furniture and household units. Rattan grows naturally across the South-East Asian region, typically growing in clusters. Whilst rattan needs to be treated and refined to be suitable for use, the cane fibre within is ready to use from the moment it’s harvested. Cane is a naturally occurring, biodegradable material which won’t need to end up in a landfill once the product eventually needs replacing.

Cane furniture is broadly recognised for its light, earthy tones, although a range of shades is available. Generally speaking, cane is considered to be more durable than rattan and provides an extraordinary level of strength when bound tight. In addition, the capacity of cane to be woven into unique curved patterns make it preferable to rattan for constructing conservatory furniture.

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With our extensive selection of fantastic cane furniture, you can take your Swindon property to the next level. Our models and fabrics give you the ability to find your favourite combination for your home. You can message us directly through our online contact form.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01793 509203. One of our friendly team members will help get you started today. We can’t wait to hear from you!