Cane Furniture Fabrics

We offer more than just stunning cane furniture. We offer beautiful fabric patterns and designs as well. Shaped to fit perfectly over our springpad cushions, these patterns are designed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of your chairs and sofas. This includes bold, stand out colours which will catch the attention of your guests and more subtle, intricate patterns that elevate the elegance of the furniture. They’re also fully interchangeable, so if you ever feel like you want to switch up the visuals and make a new look, you can swap to a different style.

Each of our quality fabrics are provided by our manufacturers, and each supplier has a vast selection of coverings for their own product lines. It’s easy for you to find something perfect for your space. If you’d prefer a hands on experience with our cane conservatory furniture, we have a large showroom in Swindon. Come and visit to see, test and feel each fabric for yourself, and get expert advice from our team of cane conservatory furniture experts. We have years of experience providing exceptional cane furniture!


Bespoke Fabric Styles For Your Furniture

If your suite is beginning to look tired, something as simple as a brand new fabric can provide a new lease of life, helping older items last a lifetime. We’re here to help revitalise your space and redefine the feel of your home. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! We pride ourselves on the fantastic range we offer to enhance your cane conservatory furniture. From light, airy tones to bold, stand-out patterns, we’re sure to have just what your interior space needs.

Give us a call today, or visit our showroom to discuss how we can help either to upgrade your home with new furniture, or bring your older cane suite back into the modern world. Alternatively, you can send us a direct message by filling our online contact form with any questions.