Ideas to Refresh Your Home in 2024

With the new year comes new outlooks on many things, and one of the main ways to wash away the old and welcome the new is with a full refresh of your home! While there are many ways to usher in the new year with spring cleaning, new paint jobs, and the latest tech, an excellent way to revamp your home with ease fully is fresh furniture. 

natural cane furniture corner suite set outdoors with cushionsReplacement Furniture

While we tend to take our furniture for granted in our homes, it can actually be quite surprising how much it affects the overall appearance and aesthetics of a room. At Garden of Eden Cane, we understand the intricacies that come with finding new furniture styles. That’s why we offer a massive selection of styles to help you find the perfect fit for 2024. 

Browse our collection on our website and start an enquiry today, or find out more about how cane furniture can improve your property below.

Accessorise Your Home

A cane sofa can bring a room together, and by combining it with a variety of cane furniture chairs, tables, and corner pieces, you can create a completely seamless aesthetic that complements each other perfectly. A cane swivel chair or recliner can find a perfect home within an empty corner, creating a slightly enhanced space that makes better use of what’s available in the room. All of our furniture styles are incredibly versatile and varied, from more traditional looking three seater sofas, all the way to wicker weave style armchairs or dining sets. With Garden of Eden Cane, almost every need can be accommodated. 

Our accessories can act as a stand alone piece, or be added to an overall collection. Plus, their natural look makes them ideal for traditional style homes. If you already have a variety of older or second hand cane furniture that is starting to lose its lustre, then you can also find replacement fabrics with us, which can truly refresh your home with impressive vibrancy.

grey outdoor cane furniture suite on a patio

Enhance Your Exterior

Whether you’re in need of cane furniture for conservatory, patio, or garden, we’re here to help. Our premier cane furniture can withstand consistent use and can help create a comfortable environment for you to watch your children play, relax with friends, or sunbathe with a nice cold drink. Cane patio furniture isn’t hard to maintain in the colder months either; read up on how to protect your new purchases and start making the most of your outdoor cane furniture. 

Benefits Of Cane Furniture

Durable Design

Furniture of cane is typically considered to be less durable than other furniture materials like wood or metal. However, thanks to modern technology and manufacturing techniques, outdoor cane furniture is capable of lasting for years when given the proper maintenance. Replacement cushions for cane furniture are low-cost and can be a much more cost-effective solution than fully replacing your furniture set. 

Vibrant Fabric Options

The Cane garden furniture we have available is customisable with a huge selection of fabric options to let you get something that blends with your natural surroundings or choose cane outdoor furniture that truly stands out!

If your cane furniture starts to see some wear and tear, fret not! At Garden of Eden Cane, we have an assortment of replacement cane furniture cushions and fabrics that can help your sofas, chairs, and corner pieces continually look their best. 

Variety Of Styles

Our assortment of cane furniture styles is second to none. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home with a more modern look or with something that brings a sense of heritage, one of our collections is sure to catch your eye. 

Every style brings something to the table, and we have cane sofas, dining chairs and tables, coffee and side tables, swivel chairs, and more!

Natural Materials

Compared to other furniture made from plastics and other harsh materials, cane furniture is made from natural biodegradable materials. The smooth contours and lightweight construction can add a flair of nature to a room, leading to a sense of comfort that also helps the environment. 

Start Your Enquiry

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