Rattan Conservatory Furniture

Rattan conservatory furniture is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. Rattan is an extremely versatile material that can be moulded into any shape. As a result, we are able to create soft lines with our modern tables and chairs that are guaranteed to last for decades. The rattan plant is a natural vine that is sustainable to harvest and striped to create weaved parts.

Our rattan conservatory furniture is great for use both inside and outdoors. It is non-porous, allowing it to withstand all weather conditions, including rain and harsh winds. The strong rattan is woven to create elegant styles, perfect for any style of property. Bring light and warmth into your space with our beautiful products that are weatherproof and completely customisable.

Add the perfect spot to relax in your home with our rattan furniture that provides ultimate comfort. Read a book or watch TV in our armchairs that are designed to provide support with their curved backs and padded foam seats. All our cushions are supported by springs, while our durable fabrics prevent stains or spills from ruining your new furniture set. Transform your space today.

rattan conservatory furniture in a living room BristolRattan Conservatory Furniture Benefits


Rattan Conservatory furniture is incredibly versatile. It can be steamed and weaved into a number of shapes to create stylish pieces. Consistently climbing in popularity, rattan is a natural wicker that is lightweight and breathable. It is an affordable way to add a modern touch to your property, making it the perfect feature within any space. Choose from our wide range of sets.

UV Protection

We know how damaging the sun can be to tables and chairs made from plastic or wood. That’s why we supply rattan conservatory furniture that can withstand harsh direct sunlight. The woven layers are made of the highest quality material to ensure your pieces never fade or become bleached in the sun. Enjoy years of comfort with our innovative furniture that can be left outside without worry.


Our rattan conservatory furniture is extremely lightweight, meaning it can be moved into your garden with ease. Due to the unpredictable nature of the British weather, we understand how important it is for your outside furniture to be portable and functional. From your conservatory to the patio, move your suite wherever you are feeling. Have complete flexibility with Garden of Eden Cane.

Weather Resistant

Rattan is a weather resistant material that can withstand light winds and rain. Because of its non-porous nature, the layers will not collect water. Underperforming conservatory furniture can often become damp, never drying out properly, leading to further rotting and mould problems. Eliminate this possibility with our table and chair sets that are high quality and versatile.


We have so many rattan conservatory furniture suites to choose from; you will be lost for choice. Whatever the style of your property, we will be able to find suitable furniture to match. Our cane is available in a number of shades to complement the style of your interior. Additionally, customise your new purchase with our fabric upholstery, available in various colours and patterns. You can get modern conservatory furniture or enjoy a more classical aesthetic thanks to our wide range of options.


Rattan is a sustainable, recyclable material that is derived from a natural vine. The rattan plant grows in abundance and is simple to harvest and transform into stylish pieces. The rattan parts are steamed to make sure they can be bent into many different shapes and styles. Due to the flexible nature of this material, we are able to make the variety of furniture suites that we do.

Modern Rattan Conservatory Furniture

rattan conservatory furniture UK rattan chairsOur Mayfair range radiates a simple yet luxurious look. The curved backs of our stylish armchairs provide you with unbeatable levels of comfort. Sink into our rattan conservatory furniture that hugs you with its extended wings. The curved armrests are also a modern touch, oozing style and sophistication. Make a statement in your home with our Mayfair range of chairs and side tables.

The leather cushions in this range add another contemporary element. However, if you want to change these cushion covers, it is incredibly easy to do so with our patterned and coloured upholstery selection. Liaise with our design team to pick the perfect fabrics to suit your taste. Our experts are always on hand to help out with any queries you may have.

Rattan Conservatory Furniture Prices

Make rattan conservatory furniture the next statement in your property. It is lightweight and affordable, adding an elegant touch to any space. Choose from our huge range of suites.

If you have any further questions about the furniture we supply, please fill out our online contact form. One of our friendly team will get back to you. Alternatively, call us on 01793 509203; we look forward to hearing from you!