Cane Furniture Gloucester

Here at Garden of Eden, we are superior cane furniture suppliers in Gloucester. We have a wide range of different cane furniture styles to suit all homes. Let us help you find cane furniture that will perfectly complement the style and décor of your home.

By working with Garden of Eden you will benefit from our round the clock support and expertise within the cane industry. Our team will help you find the product that works best for you, advising you throughout the process. With such a variety of designs to choose from, we are confident that we have something for all.

Cane sofa set in front of a window Gloucester

What is Cane Furniture?

Cane furniture is crafted from rattan, a type of plant. This plant is harvested and stripped into thin layers called cane. Cane is an ideal material to make furniture from as it is thin and flexible.

After rattan is made into cane, it is intertwined into a mesh structure. This creates a hatched design that is characteristic of cane furniture. This traditional style creates a natural appearance that is sure to suit both modern and traditional Gloucester homes.

What are the Benefits of Cane Furniture?

One of the main benefits of cane furniture is its versatility. This is down to both the material being able to be crafted into virtually any furniture style or shape and the style suiting all Gloucester homes. With this, we at Garden of Eden Cane offer a wide range of cane furniture to help you decorate your home how you wish.

Cane furniture is also incredibly durable. It does not fade or warp over time and with great exposure to UV rays and heat. This makes it the ideal choice for homeowners struggling to find furniture for their conservatory, orangery or glazed extension. You will find that your new addition will enhance the space it is in for years to come.

If you are looking for a green furniture solution, our cane furniture if perfect. As Rattan is a naturally renewable plant, available in abundance, cane is an environmentally sustainable material. The process where rattan is transformed into cane is also relatively low tech and does not involve long factory processes that will pollute the environment. To find out more about how our cane furniture is eco-friendly, please get in touch today.

Cane sofa set with natural lighting living room Gloucester

Why Choose Garden of Eden Cane?

Here at Garden of Eden Cane, we supply superior cane furniture at affordable prices. With over 30 years of experience within the home improvement industry, it is naturally guaranteed that you will receive a high quality product and premium customer service. We work hard to make sure that our entire team have the knowledge needed to answer all questions related to cane furniture and our range available. This ensures that we can help our customers in whichever way possible, helping them find their dream furniture range for their Gloucester home.

We will make sure that your new addition will match the style of your home, all thanks to our range of interchangeable cushions and upholstery. Let us work together to find a design that will fit right in.

Low Maintenance Cane Furniture

Low maintenance furniture offers a supreme décor solution. This is because you will not waste time and money otherwise spent on upkeeping and maintaining your furniture. We understand that most of our Gloucester customers do not have the time to consistently clean, varnish, paint and fix furniture. This is why we have designed our cane furniture to require minimal maintenance.

L shaped cane furniture in Garden Gloucester

Your new additions will look brand new for years to come. This is all thanks to careful design and the naturally robust qualities of cane. Where other materials may fade in direct sunlight or humidity, cane will not. With this, you have the freedom to move your new furniture around your home and even place it in the garden should you wish. To keep your cane furniture looking brand new, we recommend keeping it moist by missing with water every now and then.

Cane Furniture Showroom

Please visit our cane furniture showroom for the chance to view and explore our product range in person before you buy. We stock up to 30 full ranges at any time, allowing our customers to be able to compare all of the choices on offer.

Should you need any advice or assistance, our expert team will be on hand to help you find the perfect cane design. We always work to understand your living situation so that we can find a bespoke solution.

As well as displaying our range of furniture, our showroom also showcases our upholstery options and interchangeable cushions. Create a custom furniture suite and envision your perfect design before you commit.

Cane Furniture Prices Gloucester

If you think that cane furniture will suit the style of your Gloucester home while meeting your functionality needs, please get in touch! Please fill out our online contact form, leaving as much info as possible and we will get back to you shortly.

You may also call us during our opening hours on 01793 509 203. Our friendly team would be happy to help!