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When you choose Garden of Eden as your cane furniture supplier, you can expect the finest quality products with highly competitive prices. We are trusted suppliers of local cane furniture and will always work hard to make sure our Bath customers’ needs are met. Browse our durable and stylish range of cane furnishings today.

With our wide range of cane furniture, you can add charm to your Bath home. This diverse aesthetic will suit all homes; traditional, modern or country cottages. Please speak to a member of our team today to get expert advice on our cane furnishings. Use our contact form today.

Cane outdoor sofa set with a side table Bath

What is Cane Furniture?

Cane furniture is made from rattan, taken from a plant that has flexible designs that can be utilised for various purposes. The rattan is pulled into thin strips to create cane that we make our furniture from.

Cane is an incredibly flexible, thin and durable material. These factors make it easy to create an interwoven mesh structure. This mesh structure is then stretched over our cane furniture frame. This process creates a stunning piece of furniture which exhibits a natural style.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Cane Furniture?

Cane furniture has been a versatile choice in homes for many years and can create various furniture styles, be it modern or conventional. We assure that at Garden of Eden, we have something for all of our Bath customers. Whatever room you are looking to find cane furniture for, we can help.

Because of the origin of cane material, it is suited to a variety of climates. As a result, it can be exposed to direct sunlight or humid conditions without affecting the material. This is why the furniture is such a good option for orangeries, conservatories and glazed extensions. You won’t experience fading like you would with other choices of furniture.

Thanks to the versatility of the cane material, it can be paired with a variety of upholstery and cushion styles to suit the aesthetic of your Bath home. Are you looking for something bold with block colours? Or perhaps a soft, natural pattern? At Garden of Eden, we can find the perfect cane furniture for your home.

Relaxing cane furniture adjacent to window Bath

Why Choose Garden of Eden Cane?

We pride ourselves in having over 30 years of experience within the home improvement industry here at Garden of Eden. We are confident that we can supply you with the finest cane furniture. We have excellent knowledge, and an eye for detail and can recognise a potential issue before it occurs. Our expert team have been trained to the highest standard and have impeccable knowledge on our cane furniture.

Low Maintenance Cane Furniture

It can be frustrating having furniture that requires consistent maintenance and upkeep – and we understand that it is not a desired factor when choosing home furniture. We have carefully designed our cane furniture to require minimal maintenance, so you can focus on what matters most.

By nature, it can withstand varying climates, including great heat, exposure to sunlight, and humidity. As a result, it is the perfect solution for your home, and even your garden. Where other materials may warp, distort or fade, you can rely on your cane furniture to maintain its condition for years to come – all you have to do is occasionally mist it with water.

Two seater cane furniture in open space BathCane Furniture Showroom

One of the main benefits of visiting our showroom is that our team is always close by should you need any assistance.

If you would like to browse our furniture in person before purchasing, please visit our showroom! Buy your furniture from us with confidence.

At any given time we can offer a selection of 30 full suites in our showroom, allowing you to peruse all of the options before making the important decision of what to choose for your home. Also, we stock a range of beautiful upholstery designs with interchangeable cushions so you can design exactly what you want for your Bath home.

Benefit from our expert showroom team’s opinions and support when you come to visit us at Garden of Eden. We look forward to meeting you.

Cane Furniture Prices Bath

If you are considering our high-quality cane furniture for your bath home, please get in touch today. Use our efficient online contact form and include as much detail as you can in your inquiry. An expert member of the team will get back to you promptly
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