What Is The Difference Between Cane And Rattan?

What Is The Difference Between Cane And Rattan?

Both cane and rattan derive from the rattan plant. The rattan plant is a natural vine that can be found in Southeast Asia and grows in abundance. This makes it easy and sustainable to harvest, allowing it to be made into various objects including cane furniture. The cane is sourced by stripping the rattan plant and separating the individual elements.

The rattan parts are usually steamed and shaped to make more delicate furniture parts. Cane is generally considered the stronger out of the two, making it a great component in tables, chairs and sofas. It is more durable than rattan which is why it is often used for binding purposes or used for the backs or arms of furniture.

Cane furniture is far more environmentally friendly than other common materials such as plastic or metal. They are extremely lightweight, making them easy to manoeuvre and lift. This means you can transform the look of your space instantly with our beautiful products. They bring light and warmth to any room, making a more inviting environment for guests.

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Rattan Vs Cane


Once rattan grows to a certain length, it begins to bend downwards towards the ground. The rattan plant is one of the strongest wood species in the world and can be used like bamboo to create simple furniture designs. However, it cannot be weaved in the same way that cane can. This means you are limited with the shapes you can form.


Cane is far more versatile and flexible, so it can be bound and weaved into a number of different shapes. From curved furniture backs to rounded armrests, cane is a great modern element to add to any home. Cane is the outer part of the rattan plant and it is harvested by peeling away the top layer. It is far less porous than rattan, making it ideal to be used outside.

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Transform Your Space

Enhance your home with our elegant cane furniture products. They are extremely low maintenance and require very little upkeep to ensure they continue to look as good as new. All you have to do is occasionally spray them with water to remove any dust and keep the cane in the best condition. Our friendly team are always on hand to give you any advice.

Cane furniture is great for use in conservatories as it won’t bleach or fade in direct sunlight. Unlike plastic furniture that tends to snap in extreme temperatures, cane furniture keeps its shape and shows little sign of wear. If you spill anything on your furniture, it is easy to wipe clean to remove any stains or marks.


Cane is not as porous as rattan, so it can withstand light rain as well as damp environments. This makes cane ideal to be used outside so you can make the most of your garden and relax in your outdoor space. Enjoy your furniture all year round with our versatile products that perform well in all kinds of environments.

Cane is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and is dominating current interior design trends. The material can be easily weaved to create beautiful shapes and integrate designs. Cane is perfect for securing pieces of furniture together due to its strong and flexible nature. Make our products the next feature in your property.

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Cane Furniture Benefits


Cane furniture is incredibly weatherproof, so it is perfect for use both outdoors and indoors. Create a seamless connection between your home and garden this year with our beautiful furniture.


At Garden of Eden, we have over 30 cane furniture suites to choose from, so we guarantee you will be able to find something to suit your taste. We have both light and dark cane options.


Make your cane furniture your own with our range of customisable options. Choose from our selection of patterned upholstery covers to make the finishing touches to your home.


Our furniture is made from sustainable materials that are completely recyclable. Invest in our products that are far more eco-friendly and guaranteed to last for years.

Low Maintenance

Cane furniture requires very little work to ensure it continues to look as good as new. It is resistant to extreme temperatures meaning it will never be affected by direct sunlight or rain.

Cane Furniture Prices

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