What Are The Benefits of Rattan Furniture?

Rattan outdoor furniture is rapidly becoming one of the most popular trends when it comes to outdoor decor, and it is easy to see why. Durable, lightweight and comfortable, rattan is a naturally derived material composed of a multitude of plants in the palm family, including cane. This material is commonly used to make woven wicker-style furniture that you may choose to place in a conservatory space, or even out in the garden. The plants used to make rattan material habitually grow in very specific, tropical climates, such as areas of Asia, Africa and Australasia, so they are very durable and make an ideal material for a more lightweight furniture base, whilst able to withstand the elements in a garden. 

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Rattan is weather-resistant

The palm and cane plants that make up rattan material are naturally occurring in areas with high humidity and cope well with strong winds. With years of experiencing all the joys that come with British summertime – flipping from heat waves one minute, to driving rain and winds the next – so we understand that choosing suitable garden furniture can be a real challenge! The material has evolved to be breathable and pliant, and so it can withstand wind and rain without warping or cracking. Rattan wraps over an aluminium powdered frame, so your furniture will be durable and weather-resistant to the core. 

Rattan is comfortable

As a naturally flexible material, you needn’t worry about your rattan furniture being too brittle or rigid to sit on. Relax in the comfort of your timeless rattan chair, with pliable vines to ease into and make for a more supportive seat. The weaved vines are designed to take the shape of your body and cradle your weight evenly, making rattan chairs a popular choice as somewhere to relax. As time goes by, the carefully woven fibres in the seat of your rattan chair will also loosen marginally to cradle and support you more and provide even deeper comfort every time you sit down. 

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Rattan is stylish

Rattan furniture is so popular largely because of its timeless, attractive aesthetic – a recognisable blend of minimalism and country comfort. Rattan comes in a range of colours, from light greys to rich browns, meaning that you can customise your furniture to complement existing features in your home or garden. With a variety of woven patterns available, along with a multitude of fabrics for attractive seat cushions also available to mix and match, you can create a statement furniture piece that ties in with your home’s aesthetic and feel. 

Rattan is sustainable

The vines that rattan is made from grow in incredibly difficult conditions, largely flooded areas in the rainforests of Asia and Africa, which would otherwise be too unstable for most vegetation. However, the palms and plants used for rattan can be grown and harvested in just 2 years, which means that we can continually plant and harvest more. This is good for the environment as we are not leaving the planet without the vegetation needed to control the climate, and the production cycle can continue rolling at a good and balanced rate. This is in stark contrast to many hardwoods that are commonly used for furniture, which can take between 20-30 years to grow. Rattan farming is also good for the rural local communities in these areas, providing consistent work collecting and planting the crop. By providing this work to communities, we are supporting families and encouraging smaller local economies. As a natural product, rattan is also fully biodegradable, making it the green choice for your garden furniture. 

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Rattan is lightweight

Rattan furniture is considerably more lightweight than more traditional wooden furniture such as oak or pine, which makes it much easier to move around. Unlike hardwood furniture which is difficult to reposition, you can easily experiment with the placement of your rattan set until you find just the right spot. Being so lightweight, your rattan furniture is also less prone to sinking into grass or damaging floors or lawns – preserving the rest of your property too! 

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Rattan is the right choice for your home – discover prices today!

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