Is Cane Furniture Long Lasting?

When properly sourced and appropriately cared for, cane furniture can last for an incredibly long time in impressive condition. We here at Garden of Eden Cane are cane conservatory furniture experts who pride ourselves on understanding the unique properties of this material better than anyone. We have years of experience providing customers across Swindon and the surrounding areas with state of the art cane furniture. Contact us today to find out more details such as pricing or dimensions.

Our team is passionate and hardworking, taking the time to sit down and speak with you about what you’re looking to gain from our cane furniture. We’ll help you to work out the perfect suite and fabric style to enhance the visual appeal of your interior or exterior furniture space. Your home will be taken to the next level with us on board.

Cane furniture is the ideal option for homeowners across the UK looking for that classy, natural feeling in their furniture. These units are perfect for relaxing by yourself and enjoying life at home, or socialising with friends and making new memories with loved ones. The earthy tone of cane furniture will lend an authentic atmosphere to your living room, dining room, conservatory or deck space. Read on to learn all about our cane furniture.

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Cane Furniture Lifespan

Cane is an unusual substance which is derived from the rattan vine, a plant native to South-East Asia. By splitting the rattan open, the central fibre inside can be accessed, which is not only lightweight but also remarkably strong and robust. As a result, this fibre can be used to create all sorts of furniture including chairs, tables, sofas and accessories, and are suitable for weaving into intricate, curved shapes.

Unlike other vine materials, cane doesn’t need to be refined or processed before being used, making it fully organic. Due to cane’s durability and low weight, it can support heavy weights for years without suffering from wear or damage. This makes it a fantastic choice of material for chairs and sofas. We enhance this strength by adding springpad cushions to our cane furniture, helping the structure to distribute weight evenly and reduce the risk of breakages or issues.

Not only is cane a brilliant option for interior conservatory furniture, but it’s also a great choice if you’re looking for something new for your patio or deck space. Cane is naturally resistant to water and won’t be damaged by the rain, and can also absorb sunlight without suffering from discolourisation. If you’re interested in outdoor cane furniture that can help you to enjoy your Swindon property’s beautiful exterior, why not take a look at our Rio suite?

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Sustainable Furniture Options

Another key benefit of cane is that it’s organically sourced. The vast majority of cane is harvested from the wild, and once harvested, doesn’t need to be processed with any additional substances – it’s sturdy and flexible by nature. This means that when your cane furniture eventually reaches the end of its lifespan, it won’t have to end up in a landfill. The cane will be able to biodegrade by itself.

Choose cane furniture to make the most of your property in Swindon or any of the nearby regions. Unlike plastic based furniture, cane is a natural, practical option that won’t just last for years, but will remain in great shape too. With our various suites and fabric styles available, you’ll be able to explore a range of options and find the perfect combination to suit your space.

Cane Furniture Prices Swindon

Our bespoke cane furniture can become the standout features of your living room or conservatory space in Swindon or nearby. If you would like to discuss prices, get in touch with our team by giving us a call on 01793 509203 or send us a direct message on our online contact form.

Want to get a first hand experience with our cane furniture? Come and visit our stunning showroom in Swindon where we will walk you through the different options available and answer any questions you may have in person. We’re sure to have something you’ll love!