How to Protect Cane Furniture During Winter

If you’re interested in purchasing cane garden furniture or already have it throughout your property, then knowing how to properly protect it during the winter is integral to maintaining its appearance.

Find out how to protect cane furniture during the winter months below, or contact us today to enhance your home’s aesthetic with our authentic designs and suites. 

Why Do I Need To Protect My Cane Furniture?

Cane furniture can be a beautiful addition to any home’s conservatory, garden, patio, or living space, but due to it being made from a careful weave of natural materials, it can be at the mercy of the elements. Plus, the fabric covers on cane furniture cushions can easily absorb moisture, which could tarnish the patterns or lead to mould. 

Many crevices exist, too, which could fill in with grime, dirt, or ice depending on the time of year, especially in winter. 

two grey cane furniture chairs and a glass table situated in a garden

Natural Rattan Furniture

Furniture of cane or rattan can be natural or synthetic. Both have their advantages, but the biodegradable properties of natural rattan and cane furniture mean that they can be affected more easily by the elements. It also means, though, that it’s much better for the environment and is also more authentic. 

Natural cane conservatory furniture or garden furniture can be coated in certain oils, too, so that there is a seal between the organic material and harsh weather conditions. We recommend caution when using oils on your cane furniture because you don’t want to introduce any harmful chemicals to the material. 

Use Tarps & Covers

An alternative cost-effective way to keep cane furniture safe is simply using sturdy, waterproof tarps or covers. A proper cover can help protect your cane furniture not only from heavy rainfall but also from strong winds if you tie the tarp down to the ground. 

However, you may want to occasionally let the furniture breathe by removing the tarp or cover for a brief period of time. This is best done while the weather is calm or indoors in a dry area.

Store Furniture Inside

If you have the space available, bringing your cane furniture inside from your patio or garden can help keep it safe. Obviously, this may not be possible for larger pieces of furniture that can take up a whole room’s worth of space, such as cane sofas or tables. In these situations, we recommend the tarp and cover solution.

natural rounded cane furniture suite situated on a patioKeep It Clean

At the end of the day, the most important way you can protect cane furniture during winter is to keep it clean. The easiest way to clean your cane garden or conservatory furniture is to vacuum it to remove anything that may be stuck between the cane. Afterwards, you can use natural cleaning solutions and a cloth or sponge to scrub the cane gently. Just be sure to dry the cane with a cloth once done. 

The furniture pillows can also be cleaned, much like regular pillows, to avoid any mildew build-up.

In Summary

Overall, the best ways to protect cane furniture from potential damage during winter are the following…

If the furniture can be put into storage:

  • Clean your furniture using a natural cleaning solution and dry it with a piece of cloth to remove any grime or mildew buildup.

Remove the cushions, clean them and store them in a dry, clean area.

Bring the furniture inside and store it in an area that is dry and not too cold.

If the furniture is too large to store inside:

Use a large waterproof tarp (or tarps) to cover the entirety of the furniture.

If necessary, tie down the tarp to prevent it from being blown off by strong winds.

When the weather is more clear, undo the tarps to let the cane furniture breathe.

Clean the cane furniture while letting it breathe.

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Cane Furniture For Sale

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