How To Care For Cane Furniture

Caring for your cane furniture doesn’t have to be a lengthy, arduous process. One of the advantages of high quality cane is that it is a remarkably durable material, able to not only withstand heavy weight for years but to retain its beautiful sheen as well. Cane is also naturally UV resistant, which means long term exposure to sunlight will do nothing to harm the pigments of the furniture.

More and more homeowners across the UK are looking for a classy alternative to unreliable or dull furniture to liven up their homes. We offer a market leading range of cane furniture units suitable for living room, dining rooms, conservatories, bedrooms and even patio and deck spaces. Choose from our various suites, each of which comes with foam cushions and a fabric swatch to match.

If you’re looking for cutting edge cane furniture solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We supply customisable armchairs, sofas and accessory units to help you make the most of your property. Host sophisticated social events, spend quality time with your family or just relax in style with these cane furniture models. Get in touch with our team to get started!

Cane Furniture Aftercare


Cane Furniture Aftercare

Taking care of your cane furniture is a straightforward, hassle free process. You don’t need to worry about expensive oils or excessive scrubbing – in fact, these can be harmful to the cane fibre. Instead, use warm, soapy water to occasionally clean the structure of the furniture, then leave outside on a warm day to dry quickly and effectively.

The best way to care for your cane furniture is to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. Make sure to keep your furniture from getting too close to radiators and heaters – the extreme warmth could dry out the cane and make it brittle and weak. You’ll also want to make sure your interior space is well ventilated and not too humid to prevent dampness or mildew from occurring, although this is easy to clean should the worst happen.

As cane is a naturally occurring fibre harvested from the rattan vine, it doesn’t need to be refined or processed before being used in furniture. This gives it a natural strength and robustness, meaning excessive maintenance won’t be necessary. In addition, our cane furniture is fully biodegradable once it eventually reaches the end of its lifespan. Invest in sustainable living units for your home.

Cane Furniture Maintenance


Professional Service

Garden Of Eden Cane is passionate about offering a service that goes beyond the base provision of a product. We want to truly understand what you’re hoping to achieve with your home design choices, considering your aesthetic and what our cane furniture can offer you. Develop a plan with our expert team – we’re sure to have a suite that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Our team will work hard to prepare your cane furniture quickly and effectively, making sure you get the standard you deserve. We’ll have your new units delivered to your location and set up in whatever style you see fit. If you’d like a hands-on experience with our cane furniture, come and visit our showroom in Swindon, where we can talk you through the specifics of acquiring premium grade cane furniture for your home. Visit us to see all the benefits for yourself!

Cane Furniture Care


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You can redefine the feel of your home life with our world class cane furniture models. Find the ideal combination of suite and swatch to perfect the colours and make a creative statement about your sense of style. We have an online contact form you can use to get in touch, or if you’d prefer, you can call us on 01793 509203.