How Do You Style A Conservatory?

In the regularly temperamental British weather conditions, you may find yourself using your garden less and your conservatory more. Create a welcoming conservatory by styling it in the right way. We have gathered some tips on how to style your conservatory and give it a new lease of life.

What Furniture Do I Need?

Getting the right furniture for your home is key to how you use and enjoy the space. Items like armchairs and sofas will comfort but don’t forget little details like coffee tables, storage units and lighting.

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Choose cane furniture because not only because it looks good, but because it also performs well. The high temperature and humidity of a conservatory mean cane chairs, tables, sofas, and accessories are the best choice.

Cane and rattan furniture cope well with heat in the summer months. They can handle being left in a humid room without drying out or splitting like wood. Cane furniture is created using the long flexible stems of the rattan planet which is woven into wicker furniture sets. These furniture sets are designed to last without needing maintenance.

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L-shaped corner sofas are a fantastic way to add a big cushioned seating area into your conservatory. When choosing the right colour for your sofa, earthy tones like creams and brown can help your indoors blend in with your outdoors. Cane and wicker sofas can help bring the natural outdoorsy feel to the inside of your home.


Consider The Size

Conservatories are usually compact spaces that can become easily cluttered when filled with furniture. A calming space is never cluttered, plus no one wants to squeeze past sofas, tables, and chairs to get in and out of the room.

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Also, consider what you are using your conservatory for. These bright installations are incredibly versatile. Create a dining room that looks over your garden, a cosy lounge with welcoming couches, an uncluttered office or a bright children’s playroom.

If you have a small conservatory, be smart in how you use it. Assess the size and measure it before you start shopping. Choose versatile pieces that have hideaway bits or sofas that can have storage placed beneath it. Ottomans are a fantastic option as they convert from a footstool to a coffee table with ease.

Splashes of Colour

An old conservatory can be revitalised with a few splashes of paint and some colourful accessories. Even if you don’t want to repaint your extension, you could brighten it up with bold scatter cushions, cute vases or even colourful ornaments. You can change the look and feel of your conservatory with just a few little accessories.

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With our cane furniture, you’ll find quality as well as plenty of styles to choose from. From chic dining sets to laid back suits and elegant armchairs, we will have the right furniture for your conservatory design. We offer a selection of finishes and fabrics. All our fabrics are high quality and stylish. If you want to see them in person, come to our showroom to test and feel the fabric yourself.

If your conservatory suite is beginning to look tired and outdated, a brand new fabric can give it a new lease of life, helping older items last for longer. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help bring your furniture back into the modern world.

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Make the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless by filling your conservatory with plants. Opt for plants with a structural shape and brighten any empty corners with a tall plant. Having plants inside will help you feel at one with nature, even on rainy days when you can’t be outside in your garden. Plants are also a way to add colour for people who want to keep their home minimalist.

Control The Light

If you enjoy reading inside your conservatory, make sure you have the right lighting. The joy of conservatories is that natural light floods into them. If you want to read after dark, consider adding tabletop or floor lamps.

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Conservatories are fantastic because they are a natural bright area, but sometimes it might get too bright to watch TV or use a computer. Without blinds, there may be times where you want to avoid sitting in your conservatory and be distracted by the direct sunlight. Being able to block the light with a suitable window blind could be very useful, it will also help you control the temperature.

Now it’s down to you. If you’re looking to change your outdated conservatory and give it a new lease of life, get in touch today. No matter what you are using your space for, we can help you achieve your design goals.