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Enjoy a peaceful space in your Cirencester home to relax with family and friends, thanks to our modern range of conservatory furniture. We offer a diverse range of cane furniture, all available in a host of different colours and styles. Our entire range of conservatory furniture are crafted with longevity in mind.

Our conservatory furniture is crafted from low maintenance cane which means they can be enjoyed all year round. Thanks to the robust woven cane structure, you can use our conservatory tables and chairs both indoors and outdoors.

Leave these pieces in direct sunlight without worrying about them fading or discolouring. Our conservatory furniture will also not warp or crack, making them a durable solution. The premium grade materials eliminate the possibility of the furniture becoming damaged.

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Why Choose Cane Conservatory Furniture?

Cane is derived from parts of the rattan plant. This material is organic and sustainable as well as a durable natural material. Cane is ideal to design and fabricate conservatory furniture because it looks timeless and elegant. Unlike plastic alternatives, they will last longer, look better and are more sustainable.

Cane is a highly flexible material that can be used to mould a broad array of shapes. This allows us to use cane to create beautifully curved edges and smooth lines. We offer a diverse range of colours and styles, so you are sure to find the right conservatory furniture for you. You also have control over the finishing touches, thanks to our stunning range of patterned and plain upholstery fabrics.


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Cane Conservatory Furniture Benefits

Low Maintenance

Cane conservatory furniture is extremely low maintenance and requires minimal upkeep. The cane framework will maintain its shape without become bent or warped in the heat or direct sunlight. This means you can move the furniture outside of the conservatory without worrying about it losing its quality. We recommend misting the cane furniture down every now and them to maintain the pristine quality.

Cane can inherently handle a range of different climates, making it ideal for a British homeowner. We carefully design our conservatory furniture to ensure it needs minimal time, money and energy from you. With over 30 years in the industry you can trust us and our products.

Premium Quality

Our conservatory furniture is fabricated using high grade materials to ensure you are investing in the very best for your Cirencester home. We use our three decades of experience to continually improve the longevity and performance of your cane products.

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Cane conservatory furniture can be easily crafted into a selection different shapes. From curved edges to straight lines, we have designs to suit any space and any personal style. Sit back and relax in your new furniture.

Our cane conservatory furniture suites are fully customisable. We offer our Cirencester customers a broad array of upholstery fabrics to choose from. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional property, we can adapt our products to your home. Choose a matching set or create a bold focal point.


We know Cirencester customers are looking for sustainable solutions for their home. The plant used to craft our conservatory furniture can be sustainably sourced and recycled, making the entire manufacturing process cleaner and greener.

Rattan can be fully grown and harvested within two years, compared to some woods which take up to 20-30 years. Our environmentally friendly rattan furniture is a fantastic alternative to plastic. Not only is our range of furniture more sustainable, but it is also long lasting and can handle both the cold and the warmth.

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Corner Suites

Enjoy a new level of comfort for your Cirencester home when our market leading corner suites. These suites are the ideal spot for friends and family to gather and relax. Our Largo range is designed and fabricated using light, neutral cane with high-grade foam cushions.

These corner suites are designed using a range of different modular sections to ensure they fully fit your existing space, specifications and lifestyle preferences. Sink into these conservatory sofas at the end of a long day.

Conservatory Furniture Prices Cirencester

Update your Cirencester conservatory with our range of furniture. We offer over 30 suites, so you are sure you will find something for you.

To get a price for your new investment, fill out our online contact form today, and you will be put in touch with one of our experts. Alternatively, call us on 01793 509203 and we will be happy to help.

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