Cane Furniture Is Back – How To Modernise Your Home

If you’re looking to modernise your home, you may be forgiven for thinking of cushionless sofas that pride their aesthetic over any sense of comfort before cane furniture. Due to the natural, earthy tones and traditional feel of vine furniture such as cane chairs and tables, these are mostly associated with classic interior designs and period properties. The modern stereotype puts an emphasis on thin, straight lines which wouldn’t be commonly found in products made from this material.

However, cane furniture has recently made a comeback in the contemporary zeitgeist! Despite its beautiful appearance in traditional designs, our models come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours which suit them to modern homes. No longer do you have to choose between style and comfort – our suites will give you the best of both worlds. Get in touch with our professional team today and we’ll show you everything you need to know about our world class cane furniture!

Modern Cane Furniture

Cane Furniture Options

Cane is considered by many to be a timeless choice for use in furniture such as chairs, tables and sofas. Organically procured by splitting open rattan, cane constitutes a firm but malleable vine fibre which can be bent and woven into various shapes, including intricate curves. Whilst it can be farmed, the vast majority of cane is harvested from wild rainforest regions in southeast Asia where it grows in abundance.

As a material, cane can absorb tremendous amounts of weight despite being relatively lightweight itself. This makes it very easy to set up and move, meaning cane furniture is versatile and can be repositioned without any fuss. It’s also an ideal option for homeowners looking to add a natural touch to their property. Cane is fully biodegradable as it doesn’t need any additional material or additives to be refined, which means once it eventually reaches the end of its lifespan, it won’t have to end up in a landfill.

At Garden of Eden Cane, we have a vast collection of cane furniture chairs, cane swivel chairs, rocker chairs, and chairs for conservatories or gardens. No matter what style of cane sofa or furnishing style you’re after, our team can help.

Modern Cane Furniture

Garden Of Eden Cane is a company that specialises in exploring the vast potential of cane furniture. We will put you first, taking the time to understand your needs and recommend the ideal chairs, sofas and tables for you. Our market leading suite designs are perfect for giving you a range of exciting appearances, enabling you to choose the style that gives your space the desired visual appeal. Whether it’s a living room, dining room, conservatory or even an outdoor space, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our stunning products!

Furniture is about more than just appearance, however. In order to help you to properly relax and enjoy time at home, our cane chairs use springpad cushions engineered to adapt to your body and provide maximum comfort over a long period of time. The fabric swatches used on these cushions are interchangeable, so you can switch up the style whenever you want. We have a showroom in Swindon if you want to get a genuine feel for our furniture.


A great example of the immense versatility of our cane furniture, the Cortona suite uses dark, rich hues to embody elegance, class and sophistication. With smooth curves and fine details, this furniture set is a fantastic option for modernising an interior space. The Cortona suite comes with various sofa sizes, armchairs, coffee tables and even footstools.

Modern Cane Furniture Showroom

Modern Cane Furniture Prices Swindon

Whether you live in Swindon yourself, or in any of the nearby counties, our modern cane furniture is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Speak to our professionals to find out more about our pricing and how you can place an order to enhance your home. Use our online contact form, or give us a call on 01793 509203 to have your questions answered. We look forward to hearing from you soon!