Cane Conservatory Furniture Near Me

If you are looking for the finest cane conservatory furniture near you, then you are at the right place. Based in Swindon, our team of experts at Garden of Eden Cane has been providing a wide selection of cane conservatory furniture since 1989. Our skills and knowledge in this industry have been expanding for over 30 years, making our service quicker and more efficient.

Cane Conservatory Furniture is our superpower here at Garden of Eden in Swindon. From our manufacturers to our suppliers, we like to make sure each step of our customer service fulfills our values and expectations as a company. Your wants and needs are our top priority, so we can work with you directly to ensure your specifications are met. We offer a competitive pricing system so if this is of interest to you then pop on over and send us an enquiry. 

We specialise in cane conservatory furniture because we want to make conservatories comfortable and durable all year round, especially during summer. Cane material is a naturally sourced fibre and is well-known for its strength and flexibility. This is beneficial when furniture is exposed to the sunlight as it is not affected by heat. This means low maintenance is required so you will never have to worry about replacing your conservatory furniture if you choose to work with us.


What Types Of Cane Conservatory Furniture Do We Offer? 

Finding the right cane conservatory furniture near you can be tricky when you are unsure of how to style the conservatory. To help you create a plan, we can study and assess the width and length of your conservatory space. Once this is accomplished, we can work together as a team to find the right furniture for you. 

Here at Garden of Eden Cane, we have various types of cane furniture near you that can fit perfectly in your new and improved conservatory. We acknowledge that everyone has a different sense of style and taste in how they want the feel of their home to be. This is represented in the categories on our website where there is a wide range of collections to choose from. Don’t worry about finding individual pieces of furniture to match, we have the whole package ready for you! Simply click on the furniture you desire and choose a collection that suits your home’s personality the best. You even have the option to select a different type of fabric if it doesn’t completely match your taste. 

The furniture we offer for your conservatory varies from L-shaped corner sofas, armchairs and oval corner sections to cane accessories such as coffee tables, footstools and many more. Through browsing our range, you have the chance to find the perfect additions for your home near you. Are you more of a Baltimore vibe? Or are you more of a Mayfair style?

other-cane-conservatory-furnitureCome Choose Your Perfect Fabric At Our Swindon Showroom 

For the right cane conservatory furniture you need the right fabric. Over 30 years, we have worked with some of the UK’s leading cane conservatory specialists. We like to ensure our customers that our fabrics are sourced from reliable manufacturers who provide high-quality materials. The type of pattern and colour chosen can make all the difference so take your time and have a look at our 250 types of fabric. If you are an indecisive person online then don’t worry we can help! Come visit our in-person showroom based in Swindon. 

To give you the full customer experience, our Swindon showroom allows you to get a real feel of your future conservatory, where you can try the quality of the products before buying. This involves seeing, testing, and feeling each fabric yourself. We are open from 9 am-5 pm Monday to Thursday, and 9 am-6 pm Friday to Sunday including Bank Holidays. 


Cane Conservatory Furniture Prices 

All sounding too good to be true? That’s Garden of Eden Cane for you! We want to provide homeowners with our top-quality cane conservatory furniture and we know you want it. If you would like some additional information then feel free to use our simple contact form to leave your enquiry. Or visit our frequently asked questions for help. Shortly after, a member of our team will get in contact with you to help find the perfect cane conservatory furniture near you.

Garden of Eden Cane in Swindon has a top priority of giving satisfaction to our customers. You could be one of them. Start a discussion with us and contact our phone number at 01793 509203 or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!