Cane Conservatory Furniture Gloucester

Revolutionise your Gloucester space with our wide range of cane conservatory furniture. We offer a wide range of sofas, chairs, tables and accessories across different style sets, allowing you to create the perfect interior design for your home. Our extensive selection allows you to relax in style and comfort with our customised cane conservatory furniture.

Choose from a variety of fabric swatches for the cushions in order to create the perfect cane conservatory furniture for you. Cane provides a natural durability that doesn’t weaken even after years of usage. Furthermore, the cane is rain-resistant, which is why we even offer a range of exterior furniture with non-porous materials to enhance your patio or deck.

Garden of Eden Cane has specialised in gorgeous cane conservatory furniture for decades, and we are experts in its craft. We will provide you with a personal service, working with you to understand your desires so that we can offer advice or recommendations. No matter the aesthetic of your Gloucester home, we have a suite-swatch combination that’s perfect for you!

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Cane Conservatory Furniture Gloucester

Long before our cane conservatory furniture makes it to your Gloucester home, it grows naturally from within the rattan plant, a vine native to South-East Asia. However, unlike typical rattan-sourced products, cane is a thinner material from within a stripped rattan vine. Whilst other vine-based materials are often firm but unbending, cane is bendable and can be tightly woven to make elegant, sturdy designs.

This makes our cane conservatory furniture practical as well as sustainable. As it can be moulded into any shape, many different styles of chairs and sofas can be achieved by utilising it as a material. It’s also lightweight, meaning that transporting it to your home and setting it up will be straightforward and hassle-free.

Is your current set of furniture starting to lose its sheen? You deserve an upgrade that makes a statement about your sense of class and flair. By visiting our stunning showroom in Swindon, you can get a first-hand look at our collection of cane conservatory furniture suites. Our team onsite will be more than happy to help you and will talk you through the process of acquiring our gorgeous cane conservatory furniture for your Gloucester property.

Cane Conservatory Furniture Benefits

Sustainable Materials

Invest in an environmentally friendly option with our cane conservatory furniture. Our cane is derived from the rattan plant, which is continually regrown and harvested through a trusted, sustainable process. When the furniture eventually reaches the end of its lifespan, the cane can either be repurposed through recycling or allowed to bio-degrade naturally.


Your home has unique features which demand specific design details to create a comprehensive aesthetic for your space. Once you’ve found the ideal suite for your home, choose from our variety of floral and patterned swatches to apply the finishing touches to your new cane conservatory furniture.


When you invest in our cane conservatory furniture, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is imminent replacements. Fortunately, our products are designed with durability in mind. As well as being able to support considerable weight, these units won’t lose colour or sheen from exposure to UV rays.


Whether you’re looking for a traditional, elegant design or a more modern, slick set, we’ve got you covered. Our cane conservatory furniture can be modelled in many different colours and shapes, allowing it to fit seamlessly into its surroundings. Bring your Gloucester space to life with us.

Bespoke Cane Conservatory Furniture Gloucester

Martello Range

When it comes to creating an open, welcoming environment, you’ll find nothing better than the attractive design of our Martello set. Whether in the light of a sunny day or during a quiet, peaceful evening, this suite is a great place to relax and enjoy life. This set is durable and cosy, designed to provide comfort and style.

The Martello range has warm, gentle curves and a solid build, and this model is built to emphasise the size and sink of the sprung-base foam cushions. With a variety of models and accessories to perfect any space, you can acquire the perfect set to complement your Gloucester property. It’s just one of our brilliant cane conservatory furniture ranges.

Cane Conservatory Furniture Prices Gloucester

Redefine your Gloucester home’s interior and exterior presentation with our cane conservatory furniture. We can prepare our furniture to fit your dimensions. Our online contact form allows you to message us directly with any questions you may have, or you can give us a call on 01793 509203!

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