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Boost your Chippenham home’s style with our stunning cane conservatory furniture. The gorgeous range of chairs, sofas and tables include indoor, outdoor, lounging and dining, meaning you can find something for every corner of the house. Whether your interior space conveys authority, luxury or warm comfort, we’ve got the perfect cane conservatory furniture for you.

Our cane conservatory furniture is designed with durability in mind, meaning our products can sustain consistent use for decades without losing their sheen. The cane is weaved tightly together in a manner that allows it to be bent and twisted to any shape desired, giving you a full expanse of looks and styles to integrate into your Chippenham property. Revolutionise your living space with us!

Is your suite starting to look a little worn? Looking for the high-end quality suites you deserve? Now’s the perfect time to make a change with our cane conservatory furniture. Our expert team is waiting for your call today; we will guide you through the installation process and offer recommendations if you’re unsure what design works best. In addition to our range of cane models, our variations of fabric swatches mean you can achieve your vision for your Chippenham space to the finest detail.

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What Is Cane Conservatory Furniture?

Cane is the number one material in our furniture and is made of the rattan vine native to South-East Asia. As opposed to other vine-based materials such as bamboo, rattan is solid and flexible, making it the ideal material for building sturdy, creative furniture. As a result of its organic origin, cane conservatory furniture is far more sustainable and durable than outdated plastic furniture builds.

We believe that elegance is born of creative freedom. Cane conservatory furniture allows us to curve and twist our model’s edges and lines, making smooth designs that act as stunning statements of your Chippenham home’s class. With a wide array of patterns and colours available for your upholstery, you can instantly upgrade a living room, dining room or patio. Enhance your Chippenham home with us.

Conservatories undergo a volatile micro-climate over the course of a year, becoming very warm in the summer and just as cold in the winter. For this reason, we work hard to ensure that our cane conservatory furniture is designed to endure various temperatures without sustaining damage or excessive wear. We have established strong relationships with our manufacturers over the years, guaranteeing premium-grade materials.

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Cane Conservatory Furniture Benefits


All of our cane conservatory furniture is derived from the rattan plant. Plant-based materials are a natural form of carbon storage, meaning the more material comprised of plants like rattan, the less carbon in the atmosphere, harming our environment. Therefore you can rest easy knowing our cane conservatory furniture is as sustainable as it is stylish.


We recognise that each Chippenham property is unique in style and shape, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide cane conservatory furniture to accentuate any aesthetic. Interior design is a topic of passion for our expert team, and we’re more than happy to examine your living space to offer recommendations on which selections will suit your needs.

Low Maintenance

Our cane conservatory furniture is built with your comfort in mind on every level. As such, the upkeep of our products is simple, quick, and easy to follow. Our team will give you any pointers you may need to understand how and when a touch of aftercare may be beneficial; otherwise, you do not need to worry about your new suite losing its flair.

UV Protection

Older furniture models made of plastic or low-grade wood can lose their shine after consistent exposure to harsh sunlight. However, cane conservatory furniture does not discolour or damage due to UV rays. You won’t have to hide your stunning furniture away from the windows and can enjoy sunny days in peace with our top-quality units.

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Corner Suites

Our range of cane conservatory furniture corner suites represent the epitome of home comfort and style. Your Chippenham home can be instantly transformed by our market-leading models, which your family and friends are bound to run to the second they enter the house!

Corner suites by design will make use of otherwise ignored corners of your living space to provide extensive seating whilst keeping the room open and inviting. With a versatile selection of cane conservatory furniture available for you to choose from, we can make configurations to suit your spaces.

Cane Conservatory Furniture Prices Chippenham

Upgrade your Chippenham property with our gorgeous cane conservatory furniture. With dozens of affordable, stylish suites, your new sofa or chair is waiting for you today.

To get in touch with our friendly team for pricing or queries, fill out this online form or give us a call on 01793 509203.

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