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Boost the look of any space in your Chippenham home with our range of high quality cane chairs. Our range of cane chairs have been designed and manufactured with longevity and durability in mind. These products can be enjoyed for many years to come without you needing to become worried that they will lose their sheen.

The cane used to craft these chairs is weaved together tightly in a way which enables it to be bent and twisted into almost any shape. We use cane because it is such a versatile and flexible materials, which can craft a broad array of chair shapes. We also offer a range of upholstery options and fabrics, allowing you to customise your new cane chair.

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What Are The Benefits Of Cane Chairs?

Cane is a leading material to craft chairs and other conservatory furniture. Cane is made using a high quality and sturdy vine, which is native to South-East Asia. Unlike other vine-based materials like bamboo, rattan is robust yet flexible, which allows us to craft long lasting chairs. This robust material is also organic, making it a far greener alternative to timber or plastic chairs.

Cane chairs stand out in the industry for having smooth designs and curved edges, this range is an ideal investment for any Chippenham homeowner. We offer a broad array of designs, colours and patterns. Whether you want something for a conservatory, an outdoor area, a lounge or a dining room, these chairs are ideal.

Cane furniture is especially popular to place in conservatories as these chairs can handle extreme temperature changes. These cane chair designs can also be left in the sun without becoming compromised by damaging UV rays.


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Cane Chair Benefits

Appearance and Style

We know our Chippenham customers want chairs that look as good as they perform, which is why all our furniture ranges are designed to be visually appealing. Cane has an alluring charm that makes it stand out on the market.

We offer a broad array of different designs and customisation options. This will allow you to get the right product for both indoor and outdoor settings. You may want to move your cane chairs between the indoors and outdoors. Cane furniture is lighter than many alternatives, meaning you can move it around with ease.

We don’t just offer cane chairs; we also offer suites and tables, which means you can transform an interior room with high quality cane furniture. Our expert team will be on hand to help you, ensuring you get exactly the right design for your home and interior design preferences.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Our cane chairs are a fantastic investment, thanks to their market leading levels of durability. Cane can last for decades and need very minimal maintenance from a Chippenham homeowner. Even in adverse weather conditions, the look and quality of these cane chairs will not become compromised. If something should go wrong, these furniture pieces are easy to maintain and repair.

To ensure your new purchase maintains its attractive look, simply clean off the dust and give them a polish every now and then. Because cane is less porous as a material, you can wipe away any liquid spills with a damp cloth. You can even use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. This makes these chairs ideal for family homes with kids and pets.


We know our Chippenham customers are always looking for ways to make their home greener. Cane furniture, including our cane chairs, has been manufactured using natural and eco-friendly materials. Choosing these cane designs will reduce the carbon footprint and will do no damage to the environment. You can feel confident there are no toxic elements involved in the manufacturing of our organic chairs.

Weather Resistant

Cane furniture is an ideal addition to a garden, patio, and other outdoor areas in a Chippenham house. They won’t lose their shine when consistently left in the sunlight, as UV rays will not fade or warp the material. These designs can also handle those summer rainfalls without becoming comprised, thanks to the high grade materials used.

Amalfi Round DIning

The Amalfi Range

The Amalfi dining collection is the perfect investment for your dining room, these cane chairs have a reliably durable frame and stylish design. We offer an array of designs within this premium range, allowing you to put the finishing touches to the interior of your home. These long lasting statement pieces are designed to look as good as they perform.



Cane Chair Prices Chippenham

Upgrade your Chippenham home with our high performing and visually appealing range of cane chairs. We offer dozens of affordable cane sets, so you are sure to find something for you.

To get a price or to learn more about our cane chairs, contact our team directly. Use our online contact form or call us today on 01793 509203.

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